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At Habitual, we care about the people that are inside our walls. We support each individual uniquely with as much attention as they require. 


We provide a welcoming atmosphere with friendly staff, passionate professionals, and a focused environment where we train with a purpose.


We believe that weight training is an integral part of one's growth as a human being to maintain a high standard of body function and mental focus. 


We value relationships, respect, trust, honour, education, and practice.


Our aim is for our members and staff to live long healthy lives with more energy, focus and direction. 


The "H" in our logo stands for habits but more specifically our actions. The circle with the centerline is our symbol for strength and perseverance but more specifically mental strength and stability. We believe both are essential to reach success in having a strong mind and body. 


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3611 Mavis Rd #12-15,

Mississauga, ON L5C 1T7, Canada

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