Starting Jan 17-Feb 26, 2018

Intro To Yoga 6 Week Series

Are you interested in learning more about yoga? Habitual is offering a brand new Intro to Yoga 6-week Series for beginners to learn the basics of yoga.

Learn The Basics

  • Practice breathing techniques

Align Your Body

  • Learn basic yoga posture and alignment

Feel Confident

  • Get comfortable on your mat to confidently join flow yoga classes

Program Breakdown

Week 1: Breath, child's pose, table, cat/cow
Week 2: Breath, mountain pose, forward fold, down dog
Week 3: Breath, standing poses, warrior 1, 2, 3 
Week 4: Breath, balance poses
Week 5: Breath, seated poses and twists
Week 6: 60-min flow class combining poses covered in weeks 1-5

Members $150.00 + Tax
Non-Members $180.00 + Tax

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Sessions run for 1 hour

Course Schedule

Wed: 8:00pm - 9:00pm


What to Expect

Each session will include

  • Learn safety of alignment

  • Get familiar with poses so that you will feel strong and confident getting into each pose

  • Learn breathing techniques and connect breath to movement

  • Feel supported so that your can progress in your yoga practice

Who will benefit from this series?

  • Anyone new to yoga or uncomfortable with a flow class

  • Someone who wants learn the breakdown of yoga poses to understand them better

  • Anyone interested in learning more about themselves and yoga

Limited Spots Available!

Amanda Tran

Amanda is a 500-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher with the Canadian Yoga Alliance. Her yoga journey began in 2003, where she first arrived on her yoga mat as a way to stay fit. What started off as a new fitness class gradually turned into a committed lifestyle of authentic expression, spiritual connection and self-love. 

Amanda teaches yoga with love, gratitude, and compassion. She holds space to help others connect with mind, body, and breath. Her classes focus on playful vinyasa flows, nourishing pranayama and calming meditation. Amanda guides students through safe physical alignment and inspires self-love in each present moment. 

When she's not teaching yoga, Amanda is a part-time professor at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario in the Corporate Communications/Public Relations post-graduate program. You could also find her chasing waterfalls, hiking a trail or creating a nourishing meal


Check Out Our Testimonials

Read what beginners had to say about practicing yoga with Amanda

Amanda is so mindful of the people in the room and patient and calming with her presence.

Amanda's instructions are very detailed about each pose, so it helped me as a beginner feel comfortable getting into them.

Small class size was great. Thanks for making my first time so comfortable. It's given me confidence to come back.