Women Who Lift: Intro Class

Breaking the stereotypes: an 8 week long program to teach and empower women to find the courage and confidence to lift weights. The class is run by senior trainer Maida. She is strongly passionate about helping her participants find the courage and confidence within themselves to lift weights, get stronger and keep that confidence outside of the gym, as well.


Each participant will receive an E-Book that covers the importance of weight lifting, a list of fundamental exercises and queue's on how to execute the movements, and more.

Join Year Around

8 weeks 4 times a year:




Exercise Fundamentals

Each participant will learn how to lift weights using dumbbells and barbells with a focus on the core fundamental barbell movements:

  • Squat

  • Deadlift

  • Hip thrusts

  • Bench Press

  • Overhead Press

$299.00 + Tax

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Classes run for 70-90 minutes

Course Schedule

Tuesday : 7:30pm - 9:00pm (Upper Body Workout)

Saturday : 9:30am-11:00am (Lower Body Workout)

What to Expect

Each session will include

  • 10-20 minute seminar covering a topic in the E Book

  • 5-15 minute warmup and activation exercises

  • 45-60 mins of full workout practicing the fundamental movements of exercise

  • 5-10 min of stretching

Limited Spots Available!

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Hear It From the People Who Know Best

The Intro to Weight Lifting for Women was a great way to learn how to use gym equipment and machines safely and effectively. Maida ran a great class with lots of information on posture, proper body mechanics, ensuring our safety during exercises and ways to build our own exercise programs. It was an eight week progression from the basic fundamentals of weight training, to learning how to challenge our bodies through building a program to meet our individual needs. Working alongside  other women was very motivating and inspiring. I would highly recommend this class for any woman who is new to weight lifting in order to build confidence, strength and better body awareness. Overall, it was a great program and a great workout!

Michelle M

Maida is a knowledgeable, encouraging and enthusiastic trainer and joining her Weight Training for Women course significantly improved my strength and confidence in a short time. Maida is passionate about fitness and weightlifting and is a knowledgeable and capable instructor. Over the eight week course, Maida worked with each member of her class to ensure they developed a solid foundation in weightlifting. She provided ongoing feedback and assistance with different lifts as needed and encouraged everyone to push their perceived physical limits. She explained concepts and movements well and, with her training and encouragement, I feel like my lifting technique has vastly improved and I am empowered to reach new fitness goals. I looked forward to coming to the Weight Training course each Tuesday and Saturday. The opportunity to exercise with Maida and seven other fantastic women as part of the Weight Training for Women course was so enjoyable and I learned so much – I would definitely take another session with Maida and would recommend this course to anyone

Brynn D

The class was really great. The reason why I joined this class was because I was starting to weight lift on my own and wanted to make sure my form was correct. The booklet provided was very helpful, if I had questions about technique, Maida was available to answer both inside and outside of class and working with eight other women was empowering. I really enjoyed the social aspect and made a bunch of new friends

Samantha J

I went into this class thinking that it’ll be a good way to get a workout because I was already weight training and thought I knew about proper form. Was I ever wrong!  I felt muscles didn’t know I could squeeze!  Maida was there every step of the way to make sure my form was good and that I was always engaging the right muscles.  I learned so much and the classes were challenging but so much fun.  Maida is super committed to everyone in class and constantly has her eyes on you to make sure you doing everything correctly

Zeynep K

Maida is a fantastic trainer that knows her stuff! She is there to help you reach your goals and guide you through your transformation.  She is very knowledgeable and is always available to answer your questions.  Being a complete gym newbie she taught me so much, from doing an exercise the right way to tracking and recording macros.  Maida is excellent at what she does and is awesome to work with!

Anu R

I have tried so many classes and gyms over the last 20 years and obtained a certification in teaching yoga! However, even after all my gym experience and yoga training, I felt like there was still something that needed to be unlocked in my personal progress. The introduction to weightlifting program turned out to be exactly what I needed. The program is accessible to everyone regardless of your experience. This is because Maida is extremely effective and knowledgeable with her approach. It feels like a personal training session all while being part of a small group of ladies that are learning and having so much fun together! Personally, I've gained the motivation to continue with weight training as my body really responds well to lifting instead of just doing cardio or yoga. I have reduced body fat and gained lean muscle mass after joining this program and continuing to train. I highly recommend this program to all those ladies that are looking to start their training journey or for those with experience looking to get back to the basics

Mona Z

I thought the class was amazing!  I really like the way Maida taught the class because you can tell she knows exactly what she’s talking about and was passionate about it. It was very inspiring.  She didn't just focus on one person but rather made sure everyone was doing the correct form. I also really liked how Maida pushed me! Half the time I was like "whoa Maida I can't do that... like that bar alone is 35 pounds" now I'm like “gimme some plates!” I always kept doubting myself because of my small size but she made me realize I can lift heavy, just put your mind to it and say you can do it #mindtomuscleconnection. I didn't think mind to muscle connection was really important before but now I do, because you're fully investing yourself to that one action and it really does make a difference! Lifting weights is empowering, especially as a woman, and now I don't ever want to stop

Melisa C

Maida's intro classes to women's weightlifting were amazing. Not only was Maida very knowledgeable and dedicated to health and fitness, but she was also so encouraging throughout the classes. The women in the class were all so friendly and supportive of one another. Maida really emphasized that she wanted women to feel confident inside and outside of the gym. It was a great experience and I learned so much. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone!

Taylor M


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