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personal training


Creating sustainable habits for long-term health & performance.

If you have a specific goal, Habitual Personal Training is the most effective path to achieving your vision. Whether to lose weight, gain strength, reduce body fat, increase mobility or improve general fitness, our team is here for you.

A Habitual Personal Trainer will guide you, teach you, motivate you, and take you to the next level. Not only do we strive for your success - but to give you the tools and knowledge necessary to maintain a healthy habits for life.

training gym


You will be tested on your range of strength, cardio and mobility along with various physical measurements. We explore your health history, challenges, goals and lifestyle. 


You'll get a custom workout plan with nutritional goals. On our training app: follow exercises, watch instructional videos, leave feedback, and connect with your trainer.


With every training session and each monthly assessment, your trainer monitors your progress and adjusts your training where needed to best reach your goals. 

personal training packages

assessments  progress tracking  training app  custom programs

 Starting at $75/session. Packs of 12,24,36, 48 + custom packages available 


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